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Meta Generator

Meta Generator is a complete extension to create more than 40 Meta tags.


Latest news about Meta Generator:

  • Meta Generator 1.0.1 has got more than 900 downloads. (16/05/2000).
  • Meta Generator 1.2.0 has been posted. (17/05/2000).
  • Meta Generator has got almost 7.500 downloads (20/12/2000).
  • Meta Generator 2.0.1 has been posted. (22/12/2000).
  • Meta Generator has been choosed by Computer Arts magazine as one of the more importants DW extensions in their special issue #17.
  • Meta Generator has got more than 17.000 downloads and is one of the 40 most downloaded extensions in the MM Exchange.(8/03/2001)
  • Version 3.1.0. has got more than 32.000 downloads and is one of the 20 most downloaded extensions (7/05/2001).
  • Version 3.3.0. has got more than 45.000 downloads and is one of the 10 most downloaded extensions (7/06/2001).
  • More than 88.100 downloads (7/01/2004).


Help for Meta Generator:

General Notes:

  • The result of using this extension is a meta tag, so for seeing it you must check the head code.

Here you'll find help about the meta tags included in the Meta Generator.

Abstract: Same as Description but less used.
<meta name="Abstract" content="Foo great bar">
Author: Typically the unqualified author's name.
<meta name="author" content="Foo">
Cache Control:

Specifies the action of cache agents. Possible values:

  • Public - may be cached in public shared caches
  • Private - may only be cached in private cache
  • no-cache - may not be cached
  • no-store - may be cached but not archived
Note that browser action is undefined using these headers as META tags.
<meta name="cache-control" content="Public">
Charset: The HTTP content type may be extended to give the character set. As an HTTP/1.0 header, this unfortunately breaks older browsers. As a META tag, it causes Netscape Navigator to load the appropriate charset before displaying the page. Default charset is ISO-8859-1.
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=BIG5">
Copyright: Typically an unqualified copyright statement.
<meta name="copyright" content="Dreamwarrior 2000">
Description: A short, plain language description of the document. Used by search engines to describe your document. Very important.
<meta name="description" content="Foo great bar">
Language and Dialect: May be used to declare the natural language of the document. May be used by robots to categorize by language. The corresponding Accept-Language header (sent by a browser) causes a server to select an appropriate natural language document. A dialect needs a language first, but a language doesn't need a dialect in the meta tag.
<meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="EN-UK">
Doc. Class:  
Doc. Rights:  
Doc. State:  
Doc. Type:  
Expires: The date and time after which the document should be considered expired. Controls cacheing in HTTP/1.0. In Netscape Navigator, a request for a document whose expires time has passed will generate a new network request (possibly with If-Modified-Since). An illegal Expires date, e.g. "0", is interpreted as "now". Setting Expires to 0 may thus be used to force a modification check at each visit. Dates must be given in RFC850 format, in GMT.
<meta http-equiv="Expires" content="Fri, 01 Jan 2002 07:20:55 GMT">
Generator: Typically the name and version number of a publishing tool used to create the page. Not important.
<meta name="generator" content="Macromedia Dreamweaver">
Keywords: Keywords used by search engines to index your document in addition to words from the title and document body. Typically used for synonyms and alternates of title words. Separated by comas. Very important.
<meta name="keywords" content="dreamweaver, programming,dhtml">
Owner: Typically the owner of the site.
<meta name="owner" content="Dreamwarrior">
Page-Topic: Used by the Fireball.de search engine to classificate the sites.

Bauen, Bildung, Branche, Dienstleistung, Erotik, Forschung,
Gesellschaft, Kultur, Medien, Medizin, Politik, Produkt, Recht, Reise,
Religion, Sexualität, Spiel, Sport, Technik, Tourismus,
Umwelt, Verwaltung, Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft, Wohnen

Translation for the topics above:
build, education, branch, service, erotic, research, society,
culture, media, medicine, politics, product, right, journey,
religion, sexuality, play, sport, technology, tourism,
environment, administration, economics, science, living

<meta name="Page-Topic" content="Bauen Wohnen">
Page-Type: Used by the Fireball.de search engine to classificate the sites. Defines the kind of contents.

Anleitung, Anzeige, Bericht, Bild, Buch, Download, Email-Archiv,
FAQ, Forschungsbericht, Foto, HTML-Formular, Karte, Katalog, Kleinanzeige, Link-Liste, Plan, "Private Homepage", Produktinfo, Reportage, Software, Sound, Statistik, Verzeichnis, Video

Translation for the topics above:
guidance, announcement, report, picture, book, download, email-archive,
FAQ, research report, photo, HTML-formular, map, catalog,
classified advertisement, link list, plan, " private homepage", product info, report, software, sound, statistics, listing, video

<meta name="Page-Type" content="Anleitung ">
Publisher Email:  
Pragma: Controls cacheing in HTTP/1.0. Value must be "no-cache". Issued by browsers during a Reload request, and in a document prevents Netscape Navigator cacheing a page locally.
<meta name="pragma" content="no-cache">
Rating: Simple content rating.
<meta name="document-rating" content="General">
Refresh after: Specifies a delay in seconds before the browser automatically reloads the document. Optionally, specifies an alternative URL to load.
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5">
Refresh URL: Part of the above using an alternative URL to load. The URL must be an absolute URL.
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5;URL=http://www.dmedia.net/dreamwarrior/">
Reply Email:  
Robot Search:  
Target: Same as Keywords. Used by Atomz.com search engine.
<meta name="target" content="dreamweaver, programming,dhtml">
Window Target: Specifies the named window of the current page; can be used to stop a page appearing in a frame with many (not all) browsers.
<meta http-equiv="Window-target" content="_top">



Version 1.0.0: First release of Meta Generator.
Version 1.0.1: Just changed the spaces in the name to suppor the .mxp
Version 1.2.0: Code improvement. Added some checking routines and URL encoding.
Version 2.0.1: Better UI. More code improvement. Added another 12 Meta tags.
Version 3.0.0: Now it avoids duplication of meta tags. Charsets and Language options greatly improved.
Version 3.1.0: Now it's XHTML compatible.
Version 3.3.0: Fixed an error that insert code in some cases if the extension was cancelled. Fixed an error that didn't delete duplicates in some cases. Other minor fixes.



Meta Generator 3.3.0 is available at the Macromedia Exchange.



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